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Not only do we want everyone around us to know what we’re
doing (basic fliering), but we want all, near and far to know. In promotions, numbers is the key. Not everyone that knows about an event will come so in order to hedge the shortage of attendees, we must at least triple the amount of people told.

One must “go, tell it on the mountain” so that others far away may know and a good promoter knows how to find a good “mountain” to yell from. The internet, news publications, television and radio are such mountains.

The event, media and graphics administrators of ANOM!LE will be supplying the best representation of what we offer, with excitement and distinctive flair. Our promotions department is expected to handle and relay these efforts with as much fire and tenacity as in the efforts they promote.

Use the internet, social networks therein, formulate what about us makes a good “story” and call the media to report it. Take promotional packets (available upon written request) to the radio and internet broadcasting companies and arrange their expected arrival. Schedule rallies and events to stimulate buzz. Storm the high places in order to get the word out.

When promoting an event, it must be determined what target audience/demographic is expected. This will dictate the areas around the site of the event to advertise in. If the event is for DJs and clubbers, then promotions would advertise at clubs, club boutiques and colleges.

If the event entails jazz/lounge, the target areas would be where middle classed appreciators work and take lunch or hang out afterhours. If an event has live rock bands, targeting may lead to t-shirt and rock boutiques at shopping malls and again, colleges.

Promoters must figure out the target audiences and areas to promote, within reasonable traveling distance (one, two, five, ten, twenty, fifty, one hundred miles) to the event and reinforce physical efforts with an aggressive online campaign.

This may mean setting up a separate page or site dedicated to promotions’ unified work or use of one’s own existing account or site to get the job done.

Sometimes online, where promotional graphics may be free to reproduce, they may be able to post in odd places like reply panels of local sites and networks-
..anything that can be done to spread awareness of the event.

LET’S DO SOMETHING (Rallies, Charities and Fund-Raisers)
A well-rounded company family has to have several activities aimed to put their name out there to be recognized, have fun doing it, make a positive difference/change, to raise funds for collective reserve and to strengthen a bond as a happily-joined union; promotion companies/departments are the purveyors of such.

In conjunction with other departments, promoters are to head arrangement and schedule minor events such as barbecues/grill-outs, picnics, charity drives, carwashes, tailgate parties, appearances and/or exhibitions geared toward community awareness. There should be two per season totaling eight per year.

ANOM!LE especially supports breast cancer research, AIDS and Muscular Sclerosis awareness, adoption of infants to sterile families, abused children to “empty nest” homes and the maintenance and development of our creative arts programming in the educational curriculum requiem. Events and charities are not limited to the former.

Promotions are also in charge of merchandizing, merch booths, their operators and sales during events, rallies and fund-raisers. They must secure screen printing resource and report pricing to ANOM!LE for approval, to which ANOM!LE  will send promotions designs for print on clothing and other merchandise.

Said merchandise sale price will pay for production, labor, POS (Point Of Sale) booth and prep (one-time cost), legal license, and the featured subject’s royalties as well as profit to the company.

·                  Talent is entitled to 5% of net receipts, less 50% distribution fee, production and licensing costs, from merchandising using Talent’s name and image/likeness, reducible to 2.5% if any other Talents’ name and/or image is in connection per item.
                                 -Excerpt from AMPG Talent Agreement, 2010

TIMING IS EVERYTHING: Street Teams and Four-Fold Coverage Cycles
Good promotions have impeccable timing. Two weeks before an event is no decent time span to properly cover an effective promotions campaign. The bureaucracy alone takes longer than that for proper promoting. A good campaign takes every bit of an entire season (3 months) to execute.

Within the first week, promotions are to receive their assigned graphics data to promote and a briefing on its details and target audience.

Also, they are to map out the perimeter of the event’s scheduled venue, cross-referenced with the target audience’s demographics (where they’re likely to shop, eat, hang out, etc.) and notify ANOM!LE of the printing and gas requirements at its best cost once you have figured the total needed amounts. After approval of cost, promotions may proceed to have them printed and/or cut for distribution.

The “street teams” will consist of one pair of promoters per direction (north, south, east and west; totaling eight people). Each pair in the team will cover a predetermined two-mile quadrant for promotions (already knowing where you’ll be going and what to do).

Be Thorough.
Place fliers where there is a counter, window present and a manager or owner that will allow you to. Ask directly for managers on duty and proudly announce yourself and who you represent (the promotions department of ANOM!LE Multimedia Production Group).

Be ready to tell about the event in detail, but leaving them curious yet agreeable. Be energetic and appeal to their varying ages and levels of sophistication, per event or feature.

It is not enough to simply burst into an establishment blurting “Whew, I’m tired-  ..heyyy, are you the manager? Awesome-  ..we’re throwing a party and wanna leave these fliers here at the counter to promote. Izzat okay?”

You can be certain that the flyers and our money will be in their trashcan within the next 24 SECONDS, let alone 24 HOURS. A good promoter is willing to become as involved and engaging as the performers that they promote and good businesses tend to support only other good businesses.

It is paramount that other places of business view us as such and not as “just some kids with a flier for a party/rave”, totally ignoring the dormant value that lie just beneath your raised enthusiasm.

Be sure to list their business and information for follow-up purposes or if they have any questions about our event or services.

Make special efforts to access permission from news and broadcast media publications. Make calls, schedule meetings, take notes and names and tell of our current efforts as-would a “story” fit to air that the public should know about and that they (the network or station) should be the ones to tell them about it.

If airtime should cost, director of promotions will be notified and report the cost to ANOM!LE for approval or for negotiations. Find out their needs also and gauge whether or not our company can meet their needs, in exchange- 
..whatever it takes to establish the intent of a solid professional relationship with them. Even if nothing transpires from it, they now know our name and persistence and you will have truly done your job as a promoter.

Now, already having determined the ad campaign strategy, printing costs and receiving, team pairups, to which quadrants, sites to visit within them, executed the initial coverage and noted which sites visited may be prospects as new clients, promotions is free to send the pair of the opposite direction, to follow up, on the third day, replacing the stock of flyers at their previous locations and tracking its reception (whether or not anyone actually cares here).

The follow-up switch is also meant to let them see us in multiplicity-
 ..that we are many. Each pair will only refill a preset amount of flyers at any particular location.

This helps promotion heads track results of their accuracy, plus we don’t want to leave fifty fliers on a single counter and have them just sit there until the next week or worse, thrown away the first shift change after their approval and not having them available to be spread elsewhere, instead.

The teams will repeat this plan of coverage until all pairs have covered all directions, alternating days doing so (M, W, F or whatever day begun, save Sunday).

The teams are free to rest after the four-fold coverage of twenty miles as promotion directors then call and/or visit, the week of the next cycle after the teams have left the entire sector, covered the days before, to review their team’s performance and attain permission to return.

Alongside the aggressive online campaign and growing respect, due to our persistent system of operation, follow-up and show of genuine appreciation of their help, and another cycle of visits before the date of the event, our promotions department may have cemented invaluable advertising relationships and new leads for clientele.

ANOM!LE wishes all new leads and contacts to experience what they have been hearing so much about. It would also be counter-productive to ask of them to pay admission to an event that they helped to promote. Therefore, we have capacities to factor in whoever has made time to factor us in.

For those businesses, managers and owners who shown to be instrumental in our progress, ANOM!LE offers two complementary admissions to the event sponsored or to a later scheduled event more to their liking (upon furthered contact).

Promotion head(s) must then tally the total of passes needed for issue, to report to ANOM!LE. First, total the team members plus promotion head(s) that will be attending, multiplied by two and count those as “company access”, then, the total participating business managers/owners invited and scheduled to attend, multiplied by two and count them as “promotional access”.

“Company access” pass count is to determine ANOM!LE’s available on-site resource pool whose aim is to “steer the herd” or keeping the partiers partying, that night.

“Promotional access” passes are levied against the number of paid admissions in order to generate interest and more effectively track attendance numbers versus legal venue capacity limits so please, count only those certain to attend. Each person is issued two passes for themselves “plus one”.

There is no dress code, per se but dress in the manner suitable to your demographic and management therein; one of the pair, a bit more casual than the other.

Don’t promote at the upscale beauty salon wearing a Tupac t-shirt and baggies, likewise don’t pitch at a gothic tattoo parlor dressed like a Mormon.

Dress reflective of the style of the event but remember to dress as to be taken seriously by management and not gawked at. Attentions should be on what we bring, not on by how much we stand out.

Even though all the major footwork is done and all there is left to do is follow-up, there is still more promoting to do.

Do what you can to make sure that buzz continues until event night, even going into clubs to promote the event and calling in friends to repost online bulletins and plugs or to come witness what you’ve been involved in.

On the day/night of the event ANOM!LE expects all its parts to be represented and active, during the progression of the event, encouraging the audience’s participation in cheering, dancing, toasting, celebrating, urging of patrons to call their friends to join, etc.

However, expect at some part of the evening having to depart the event to promote, in a group of four, at a nearby location/site, catching any stragglers with no idea what’s happening just around the corner.

Spend 30 minutes doing so and return quickly to reduce risk of mishaps (car accident, pull-overs, robbery/mugging, etc). When they return, the other grouping will depart the event and promote for another half-hour.

After which, they may be relieved of duty until the wrap-up of the event if there are no new or additional promotions or fliers to pass out and people to thank for coming.

Upon wrap-up, all surplus fliers and applicable receipts are to be submitted to ANOM!LE. The following Monday afternoon, promotions shall make business calls to thank all promotional participants in attendance and get their approval to continue promotions though them.

After logging the results, the promotions head(s) report the data to the head of ANOM!LE, where it is shared with the corresponding producers for review.

If you have to leave early, then please, supply prior notification and if possible, supply a pre-signed replacement for the remainder of the event.

Have them report to the promotions director before you leave so that the replacement can be registered, briefed and appropriated. Replacements therefore become responsible for any equipment or effects left behind by the replaced.

As we all know by now, no one person has the equipment and resources to fill out an entire event and many times, it is the concerted efforts of many different stock holders to do their part in making the event/job a success.

In exchange for limited access to members’ resources, ANOM!LE offers the utilization of its own, in kind (equipment, production, graphics, filming, promotional services, labor resource, etc.).

We recognize the impending inconvenience but assure that the utmost care is taken of others’ “stock” entrusted to any of us as we all sign to it (no one, not in membership is allowed stock in their possession) nor may any members pass/trade stock in the name of ANOM!LE without expressed written license and brokerage from ANOM!LE’s head.

While ANOM!LE is constantly working to generate revenue to all its extremities, we will do everything that we can to pay proper consideration or assist in any efforts that your plans require in exchange for your willingness to be a partner with us.

Lastly and also unfortunately, ANOM!LE nor applicable companies, involved in said events claim no financial nor legal/civic responsibility for any lost, damaged, stolen or misplaced equipment/possessions nor social/civic penalties when its owner is present for the event and the operation of their equipment, has left the area or venue, without notification to the proper administrator so that it may be secured or damages/loses equipment/possessions due to personal irresponsibility (getting drunk or ejected and forgetting where you left your equipment and its parts, traffic tickets, boots/towing, open bar tabs, ruined pants, bail, etc.).

ANOM!LE only accepts responsibility for lost stolen, damaged equipment, utilized without the owner present and/or having left the event with proper notification to ANOM!LE turning over the equipment to store and secure, to which arrangements may be made for cost of repair, restoration or replacement.

In exception, ANOM!LE is willing to split costs under circumstances beyond either’s control during an event (damage caused by power surges, natural disasters. police raids, siege of war, Armageddon, etc.).

My signing here is acknowledgement of my receipt of membership, in agreement of this AMPG membership and protocol covenant, in good faith, its guidelines and whilst keeping my prior individual integrities (business name, and sovereignty, stage name, initial stock, etc.), hereby become a part of something fresh, new and exciting-  

Signature: ________________________________________________________ 

Print Legal Name: __________________________________________________

 Date: _________________________________

(Cut or tear here, submit bottom to AMPG filing and keep the packet in your portfolio)
AMPG Membership & Protocol:
(Filing Copy)

My signing here is acknowledgement of my receipt of membership, in agreement of this AMPG membership and protocol covenant, in good faith, its guidelines and whilst keeping my prior individual integrities (business name, and sovereignty, stage name, initial stock, etc.), hereby become a part of something fresh, new and exciting-  

Signature: ________________________________________________________ 

Print Legal Name: __________________________________________________

 Date: _________________________________

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